Announcement pursuant to Law 3556/2007

Subject: Notification of significant change in shareholding pursuant to Law  3556/2007

Titan Cement Company S.A. (the “Company” or “TITAN” ) announces pursuant to Law 3556/2007, that the acceptance period of the voluntary tender (the “Tender Offer”) that TITAN CEMENT INTERNATIONAL SA (“TCI”) has submitted in order to acquire all ordinary and preference TITAN shares that TCI did not hold, directly or indirectly, in accordance with Law 3461/2006 and as set out in the June 18, 2019  Information Circular regarding the Tender Offer made by TCI, ended on July 17, 2019.

Therefore since FMR LLC in the framework of the Tender Offer transferred  to TCI its shares, the total voting rights in TITAN held indirectly  through FIAM Holdings LLC, FIAM LLC, Fidelity Institutional Asset Management Trust Company, Fidelity Management & Research Company και FMR Co., Inc  were nullified.